RSPB Bempton Cliffs' highlights

June has definitely been busting' out all over. There's been an explosion of fluffiness all over the cliffs as eggs hatch and chicks take their first tentative steps in the world. But the spotlight is still firmly on puffins. Visitors of all ages are driving miles to spot them - some are even crossing the world. July is the last month of puffin spotting for this year. They'll leave the cliffs late next month though may still be seen on the sea into early Aug. Elsewhere our swallow chicks have fledged (will there be a second brood?); we've played host to some of the RSPB's international conservation team; and we've celebrated National Volunteers Week. So it's been another crazily, busy month. But that's just how we like it.

Dive! Dive! Dive! Late July and early August RSPB cruises from Bridlington harbour give those on board the chance to see the incredible sight of diving gannets. Witnessing the UK's largest seabird plummeting into the waves at around 60 mph is truly mesmerising. More

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