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StartFragmentSCARBOROUGH, Filey and Whitby are enjoying a fantastic late summer season boost as the hot weather brings the crowds.

Scarborough was the joint sunniest place in Britain on Sunday with 11.9 hours of sunshine and beaches all along the coast were packed as visitors enjoyed temperatures into the 70s.

The annual Bike Week celebrations ensured there was plenty to see with a parade of up to 1,000 bikes and beach racing on Saturday, beginning a week of race events.

Scarborough Council's cabinet member for tourism and leisure, David Jeffels, said: "It was a superb late-summer weekend for the coast.

"When you get through to September you tend to fear the best days of the summer are behind you, but this weekend and the last few days have proved late summer can give you an unexpected bonus."It is wonderful to see so many people enjoying a visit to the coast and with the forecast good for the coming days we expect more people to come along and see what this part of the coast has to offer." Read more at:

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